How to Keep Your Sportsbook Players Active

How to Keep Your Sportsbook Players Active

How to Keep Your Sportsbook Players ActiveSo, you have a great looking sportsbook website and the best sports betting software on the market. In fact, your online sportsbook gets a decent amount of traffic and has a decent conversion rate. However, you seem to have trouble keeping your players gambling on a regular basis. Thus, this week’s bookie tutorial will be on How to Keep Your Sportsbook Players Active!

No matter the size of your bookie operation, running a sportsbook is tough work. Not just because it takes dedication, hard work and focus to be an online bookie. But because like any other business, it needs clients to stay in business. A good business model will have a sportsbook a marketing plan that focuses on acquisition and retention.

In this case, we are talking about player retention since we are trying to keep players active. So, what do you think is the No,1 determining factor for a customer to come back to your sportsbook? Most people would say it is about having great sports gambling odds, competitive bonuses and a good software. 30 years ago, that might have been the case from lack of competition. Today, that is no longer the case as most bookmakers offer that.

Of course, having excellent customer service is the obvious answer but that is just the beginning.

3 Ways to Keep How to Keep Your Sportsbook Players Active

While customer service is king, it takes more than that for a bookie to keep players active. This is because everyone bets differently and there is a wide range of betting options available. In order to get around this challenge, here are some of the best ways to keep your sportsbook players active on a regular basis.

  1. Provide a Lot of Sports Betting Options – Give your players a large betting market by offering wagering option on as many sporting events as you can. Whether it be cycling or cricket, having an extensive betting board will not only bring more clients. It will also keep current players from leaving in search of specific betting action.
  1. Communicate with your Players – Not keeping in touch with your players is a mistake made by many bookmakers. Of course, we are not talking about email them to the point they get sick of it. We are talking about communicating with them with valuable content and news about upcoming event and promotions.

Many casual bettors do not keep track of gambling events that could interest them. Therefore, it is your job to do just that. Of course, it is always a good idea to add an incentive for them like a special promotion.

Last but not least is to communicate with them the way they want. Therefore, give them options like email, text message, popup when they login and so on.

  1. Bonuses and Promotions – It is true that giving out bonuses and promotion takes away from your overall profit. However, your competitors are doing it which means you also have to do it. Just make sure that you come up with the perfect promotion for your sportsbook without giving the house away.

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