Being a Bookie is a Mainstream Job

Being a Bookie is a Profitable Mainstream Job

If you look back five or ten years ago, becoming a bookie seems a taboo thing to do. After all, the public’s perception of a bookie is what you would see in movies: shady men with the resources to collect their money through whatever means. This is despite sports betting being legal in many countries around the world. But when the US Supreme Court repealed the law that banned sports betting, the industry has grown so much in just a span of three years. So much so that being a bookie is a mainstream job that earns well.

Many countries around the world are known as havens for sports betting operations, some making it a big part of their tourism industry. But more than that, individuals can now create their very own sportsbooks online very easily. Bookie software prices are so affordable, that anyone who wants to create their own sportsbook can do it in less than a day.

Being a Bookie Today: Online Betting is the Way

Being a Bookie is a Mainstream JobIf you watch any NFL game, any Major League game, or an NBA game, you will most likely see ads on sports betting during breaks. Some have even sponsored teams and leagues, so you can see sports betting in their uniforms or venues. That’s how visible the industry is now. And given the potential to earn a lot from sports betting has its allure.

The ability to create your own sportsbook is possible through pay per head providers. And the software they offer is customizable, and created specifically for bookies, so its pretty much tailor-fit for your needs. You won’t even need to take a course to get technical about operating your sportsbook software. There are, however, a lot of bookie pay per head blog sites that will show you what you need to become an online bookie.

Be Part of the Online Sportsbook Industry

With so many betting options available, you can easily make a lot of money through online sportsbooks. And as a bookie, you can manage your sports betting business from anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet access, then you are good to go. Given the increased visibility and legality of sports betting in the US, gone are the impressions of leather jackets or fedoras or whatever it is you imagine bookies to look like. Anyone can be a bookie. Unless, of course, you really have a thing for fedoras.

Remember, the sports betting market in the US hit $4.6 billion in betting handle last March. That’s how big the bookie industry in one country alone is. Worldwide, the sports betting and lottery market in 2020 is $218.49 Billion. This was a record year for sports betting around the world, considering that a pandemic practically shut down the industry for months. Even now, retail sportsbooks cannot open at 100%. As the pandemic will eventually be over, and the economy and businesses will recover, we will see more growth in the gambling industry. Being a part of one of the largest industries in the world is worth something, especially if you are earning a lot from it.


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