Weird Ways to Pick a March Madness Bracket

Weird Ways to Pick a March Madness Bracket

Weird Ways to Pick a March Madness BracketThe 2021 March Madness tournament starts today with 64 teams going head-to-head. For sports bettors and basketball fans, this means that its time to fill out a March Madness Bracket. However, there is also the office worker who knows nothing about NCAA basketball joining in the fun. So how does this person fill out a bracket while knowing nothings about basketball and their seeding rank?  This is where our Weird Ways to Pick a March Madness Bracket can make this year’s tournament more entertaining!

While they may not know anything about basketball, it is still a fun way to participate in office bonding. However, a March Madness Bracket may look intimidating to John in the IT department who knows nothing about basketball. This is probably because he has to deal with 68 teams from schools he has never even heard of.

Sure, John could do some last-minute research and copy the picks from a sports handicapper.  However, what’s the fun in that? It’s crunch time as he only has a few hours left to research each team so here are some weird but fun ways to Pick a March Madness Bracket!

4 Weird Ways to Pick a March Madness Bracket

4 Weird Ways to Pick a March Madness BracketFlip a Coin – While this method will not make you the March Madness pool winner, it probably will keep you from embarrassing yourself. This is because some college basketball games do not have a true favorite team. For example, the betting odds on Virginia Tech vs. Florida has Florida at -1 and -112 on the spread. Therefore, this will be a close game and flipping a coin will probably not hurt your odds of picking a winning team.

Which Mascot will Win in a Fight – This way is pretty popular amongst amateurs as it involves figuring out which team mascot would win in a fight. For example, the Hartford Hawk would probably lose to the Baylor Bear.  Thus, you would choose Baylor to win over Hartford in your bracket.

Proximity to School – According to Bookie Software providers, this is another fun way to full out your March Madness bracket. You basically just need to open google map and choose the team that is closest to your location.

Geographical Advantage – This is another fun way to pick your teams that is similar to Proximity to school method. However, this time it is more scientific since you are picking winners depending on how far they have to travel. Thus, you pick the team that has to travel less or more depending on your preference.

Of course, if you have no confidence in your March Madness picks, you could always bet on the game directly. If that is the case, read our March Madness Live Betting Strategies to help you win your bet.

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