Having Live in-Play Betting is Essential for Bookies

Having Live in-Play Betting is Essential for Bookies

Having Live in-Play Betting is Essential for BookiesEvery bookie and business owners want their business to succeed.  For a bookie, it’s not just about having customers but also about them betting with you.  Therefore, a sportsbook needs to have as many betting options as possible to keep their players wagering.  This is why Live in-Play Betting is Essential for Bookies because it gives bettors more betting options per game.

The mathematical formula for making a profit for bookies is fairly simple. When it comes to making money as a bookie, the most important is having action from your players.

This is because the more they bet the more commission they get. Of course, this brings about the question by bookie as to what kind of players is best to have. However, this time around we will not be delving into that.  Instead, we will talk about how Live in-Play Betting is Essential for Bookies looking to increase their profit margin.

What is Live Betting and How can it Make me Money

When sports betting first came about, the only way to wager on a game was before the game went off the board.  However, as online sports betting became popular, operators began to look for more ways for player to bet on games. Thanks to the advancements in sportsbook software, the answer became obvious with Live Betting.

This is because Live in-Play Betting allows players to wager on a game while the game is in play. Therefore, this new development allows the bookie to take more action while making the game more exciting for players.

The types of bets available for Live Betting are usually proposition bets.  Common live bets are “how many points will player x score in the second half.  In addition, the odds may change because of certain events that took place while the game is in play. As you can see, this can make the game very attractive to bettors. Thus, this option will create more betting opportunities for players and will therefore make the bookie more money.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Not Every Bookie or Sportsbook is able to Offer Live Betting

However, not every sportsbook is able to offer Live in-Play Betting because it requires extra technology and infrastructure. First off, a bookie will have need to integrate a live betting sportsbook software to their betting platform.

Once they have it, they need a fast thinking team of odds managers to create the live betting odds. Unfortunately, this is out of reach for many sportsbooks and bookies around the world.  However, There is a solution available on the market thanks to the PricePerPlayer.com Sportsbook Pay Per Head Technology.

PricePerPlayer.com is the only Pay Per Head provider that gives agents Live in-Play betting at no additional cost. Thus, by using our PPH Services, bookies get True Live Betting on top of everything else for only $5 per player!

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