Guide to Becoming a Local Bookie

Guide to Becoming a Local Bookie

Guide to Becoming a Local BookieThe month of August is a popular time of the year for sportsbooks and bookies. This is because the football season is the most profitable tome of the year for American bookies. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that many people have been contacting us about Becoming a Local Bookie.

With this in mind, we thought it we would save everyone’s time with a Guide to Becoming a Local Bookie. To create this tutorial, we spoke with several successful bookies and sportsbook owners on how they got their start. Thus, we came up with a set of instructions on how anyone can start a local sports betting service.

In addition, we have our own method proven methods to increase your odds of having a successful sportsbook. This is thanks to our extensive experience in helping sportsbooks and bookies agents get start their own operation.

How to be a Local Bookie

A local bookie by definition is just someone who takes bets in a small area or neighborhood.  However, this does not mean that they are still taking bets by hands while hanging out at a bar. On the contrary, local bookies are pretty tech savvy because it allows them to take more bets with less work.

The way local bookies first establishes themselves it by using a Bookie Pay Per Head software or service. This is because it gives them the same infrastructure and services of a large sportsbook without the large price tag.

Thus, they only need to pay a $5 to $20 per active players to use a Pay Per Head service. In exchange the local bookie gets the sports betting software, sportsbook website and a 24/7 support staff. The best part is that they no longer need to calculate sports wagering odds or keep track of wagers.  This is because it is all done by the sports gambling platform.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Finding Players

Once you have chosen a Bookie Pay Per Head provider like, all you have to worry about is players. Finding players is fairly easy on a local level and the best way to start is with friends and referrals.

Another way to find players is thru social media where you can join local sports and gambling groups.  Furthermore, if you get the right type of bettors, you only need 20-50 players to make a living.

How Much Money do I need to be a Bookie?

A local bookie will not need as much money as a sportsbook but it is always nice to have a healthy cushion.  In general, it will all depend on the gambling limits you set and how many players you have.  This article on How Much Money you need to be a bookie will help you figure out accurate numbers.

Now that you know the basics on how to be a local bookie, it’s time to start!  The first step is to start a Pay Per Head account with for only $5 per player.  The best part is that no deposit or personal information is necessary as the first 2 weeks are free!

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