Massachusetts Losing Out on Sports Betting

Massachusetts Losing Out on Sports Betting

To say that Massachusetts losing out on sports betting revenue due to delays is an understatement. This fact is particularly noticeable now that the Boston Celtics are in the NBA Finals facing the Golden State Warriors. The NBA is one of the most profitable professional sports leagues in the US, and very lucrative if you want to maintain steady sportsbook profits. And yet the Celtics fans will have to drive to another state should they wish to bet on their favorite team.

This bookie pay per head blog has reported before that the Massachusetts House already passed a bill to legalize sports betting almost a year ago. And yet nothing has happened. It was only recently that the Senate finally passed their own bill. And since the terms of these two bills have many differences, a bicameral committee will have to be formed to compromise between the two bills.


Massachusetts Losing Out on Sports Betting Revenue

Massachusetts Losing Out on Sports BettingThis is unfortunate, as the state has lost out on a lot of potential income from sports betting in the state. This was an especially good year for sports in the states. Aside from the Celtics getting this close to the Championship, there are a lot of events that many a sportsbook pay per head has made money on. For instance, you have the Red Sox beating the Yankees and beating the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS in baseball. You have the New England Patriots scoring a seven-win streak in the regular season. The Bruins had a good run, despite falling out during the first round of the playoffs.

And these are only for state teams. But if you look at the calendar since the House passed the bill, you’ve had the Super Bowl, March Madness, some golf and tennis tournaments, and now, the NBA Finals. The House and the Senate now have until July 31 to finalize the sports betting bill. Otherwise, Massachusetts will have to wait a while longer to see sportsbooks launch in their state in the near future.


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