Chicago Cubs Owners Doesn't Want to Buy Chelsea Anymore

Chicago Cubs Owners Doesn’t Want to Buy Chelsea Anymore

Last updated on April 18th, 2022 at 01:25 am

The Ricketts Family, Chicago Cubs owners, announced they would not take part in the final bid to buy Chelsea FC. They said that they saw some issues that aren’t addressable at the current state of the sales process.

The Ricketts family cooperated with Dan Griffin and Dan Gilbert in their quest to purchase the Premier League team.

After reporting their bid to buy the club, the Ricketts family experienced harsh criticism because of spilled messages uncovered in 2019 that Joe Ricketts, the family patriarch, had made anti-Muslim remarks during the 2012 US elections. In addition to other things, he referred to Muslims as our foe. However, he was not part of the acquisition of Chelsea. The Ricketts patriarch apologized for his actions.

Chicago Cubs Owners Don’t Want Chelsea FC

Chicago Cubs Owners Doesn't Want to Buy Chelsea AnymoreSoon after, the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust announced that 77 percent of its members didn’t uphold the Ricketts-drove consortium offered for the club.

A delegate of the Ricketts family told sports news outlets that the choice to pull out was not because of the backlash. Instead, they explained that the family had helpful gatherings with ally gatherings. Eventually, the agent said, the different sides couldn’t agree.

In March, Chelsea proprietor and Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich reported he intended to sell the club to the most significant advantage of the fans, the representatives, and the team’s partners and sponsors.

That came after he announced that he gave stewardship of the team to trustees of the team’s charitable foundation.

Shortly later, the European Union put Abramovich on its rundown of endorsed people. At the same time, the UK government authorized him as a component of its endeavors to isolate President Vladimir Putin of Russia after the country attacked Ukraine.

According to sports betting software reports, Abramovich has generally denied any connection with Putin. Also, he dismissed claims that any of his exercises justified government sanctions.

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