Tokyo Gold Medalist Horigome Yuto Tops Olympic Street Skateboarding Qualifier Semis

Tokyo Gold Medalist Horigome Yuto Tops Olympic Skateboarding Qualifier Semis

After topping the Olympic skateboarding qualifier semis in Budapest, Horigome Yuto keeps his hope alive to defend his title in Paris. Horigome was in ninth place with two attempts left and needed to land the trick to ease the pressure on his final effort.

The first-ever Olympic street skating champion was under intense pressure to secure a podium result at the second Olympic Qualifier Series event, and he nearly gave in. However, Horigome went in the other direction.

Skillfully managing treacherous seas is second nature to the Tokyo 2020 gold medalist. According to sports news reports, he landed a substantial fourth trick, putting him first. In addition, the reserved superstar appeared relieved rather than pleased as the results rolled in. Everything will be riding on Sunday’s finals when the real test occurs.

Olympic Skateboarding Qualifier Semis in Budapest

With a total of 272.83 points, Horigome was the best skater going into the finals, while Onodera Ginwoo, a fellow countryman, came in second with 272.13. The third-place finisher was Braden Hoban of the United States, with 269.12.

Another American, Jagger Eaton, who aspires to compete in the Olympics in both the street and park categories, skipped the street semi-finals in favor of the park competition set for just a few hours later. Additionally, Aurelien Giraud of France, who did not participate at OQS Shanghai, finished ninth with 243.96 and narrowly missed the final.

With confidence soaring entering the trick segment, Horigome laid down the gauntlet with a solid first-round performance. According to sportsbook metrics experts, the pressure was on after the Japanese star missed his first two shots. However, he remained composed and scored when it counted.

OQS Budapest Semis Results

Tokyo Gold Medalist Horigome Yuto Tops Olympic Street Skateboarding Qualifier SemisThe 25-year-old will have to give it his all on Sunday if he doesn’t want to be a victim of the high-stakes OQS and Japan’s envious depth.

Final selection for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will be based on ranking points gained at OQS Budapest, the last opportunity for skaters to do so. Those skaters who made it to the championship round are:

  1. Horigome Yuto (JPN)
  2. Onodera Ginwoo (JPN)
  3. Braden Hoban (USA)
  4. Shirai Sora (JPN)
  5. Netsuke Kairi (JPN)
  6. Kelvin Hoefler (BRA)
  7. Richard Tury (SVK)
  8. Matias Dell Olio (ARG)

Japanese Skateboarders Dominate in Olympic Debut

Japan made the most of its home field at the 2020 Olympics by winning three skateboarding events (street and park combined).

The relentless assault on wheels by the Japanese has hardly decreased since then. They were undefeated in the men’s street event and took home gold and bronze in the women’s event at last year’s global championships in Tokyo.

Their ladies completed a one-two in a Rome park. There is one event that Japan hasn’t been consistently successful: the men’s park. However, you can’t help but wonder when they’ll finally start dominating that event.

No one can deny that Horigome has been Japan’s most successful skater, both on and off the ice. Even if he is in a tight spot for qualifying for Paris 2024, according to Hayakawa, Horigome stood out from the crowd with his vision and determination, even in his mid-teens.

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