Umpire Ejects Domingo German for Sticky Substances

Umpire Ejects Domingo German for Sticky Substances

Last updated on May 18th, 2023 at 02:29 pm

Umpire James Hoye found the hand of Domingo German coated with a sticky substance. As a result, the umpire ejected the NY Yankees pitcher in the third inning against the Toronto Blue Jays. Hoye said that the substance was too sticky and shiny.

However, Domingo denied the accusations. He said that the sticky substance was rosin. According to pay per head bookie sources, German maintained that it was the combination of rosin and sweat.

German’s ejection could lead to a ten-game suspension. Also, it was the fourth since the MLB began its crackdown on illegal sticky substances two years ago. In addition, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said that the situation is not ideal for the start of the season.

Domingo German Ejected

Umpire Ejects Domingo German for Sticky SubstancesAccording to sources, Germán had retired his first nine hitters when first base umpire DJ Reyburn checked his hands as the pitcher prepared to take the mound for the bottom of the fourth. Hoye ejected German after umpires looked at his hand.

If suspended, the Yankees cannot place German cannot on the roster. Also, the Yankees had to play with 25 instead of 26 players.

According to baseball news reports, Hoye’s staff inspected Germán during his April 15 start against Minnesota, when he retired his first 16 batters. However, the umpires allowed him to remain in the game. Hoye had requested that Germán wash the rosin off his hand, and some had lingered on the pitcher’s pinkie finger.

On April 20, the MLB suspended Mets pitcher Max Scherzer for sticky substance. In addition, the league suspended Héctor Santiago of Seattle and Caleb Smith of Arizona in 2021 for the same offense.

Germán was relieved by Ian Hamilton after five batters and 27 pitches because of his right groin discomfort.

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