Friday NBA Play-In Tournament Preview

Friday NBA Play-In Tournament Preview

The NBA postseason starts with the AT&T Play-In tournament. And for those who use an online bookie software to earn from NBA betting, you need to arm yourself with the latest information on the remaining games of the NBA Play-In Tournament. Here is the Price Per Player preview for some of the most important games in American sports this weekend.

The Play-In tournament has been ongoing since the 11th, and today’s games will determine the No. 8 seed for each conference, which are the last slots to get into the postseason. After today, Saturday will be the first round of games for both the Eastern and Western Conference. We will be seeing a lot of entertaining games, but for your pph sportsbook’s schedule for today, we’ll focus on the No. 8 seed slots first.

Eastern Conference NBA Play-In Tournament

For the east, The Chicago Bulls (10), will face Miami Heat (8) at 7:00 PM ET Tonight. Whoever wins will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round as No. 8 seed. If we look at the their past match ups in the regular season, the Bulls swept the series 3-0. But the Heat are ranked higher. Miami will, however, need to do better with shooting, as they are the lowest-scoring team in the league right now. Kyle Lowry might give us a repeat performance of their play-in game when he scored 33 points. Which would be a welcome treat for Miami, as they will be facing Chicago’s DeMar DeRozan.

Jimmy Butler is there, though, so Miami can easily win this if he gets his groove back. Many bettors will find this game to be very exciting, as it seems to be a pretty even match up. But if you look at the roster, the Heat have more top-shelf players than the Bulls. This will be both team’s last chance to save the season, so the Heat should make use of their home court advantage to grab their win.

Western Conference Play-In

The Oklahoma City Thunder (10) will face the Minnesota Timberwolves (8) at 9:30 PM ET. Whoever wins will face Denver in the first round of the playoffs as No. 8 seed. Given the Timberwolves’ last game without Gobert was a loss, many still think he is a bit of a bad bid for the team. But we will see how he will perform when he returns. It will make for a lucrative game for bookies, though. You can earn from collecting wagers on this game too, just read the legal aspects of becoming a bookie.

And your sportsbook will be getting a lot of action on the game that will give us either a Timberwolves win, which will give us a preview of the postseason of Gobert with the Wolves. Or, we can see OKC stretch their stay in the season.


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