Open a Racebook with a Pay Per Head

Open a Racebook with a Pay Per Head

Open a Racebook with a Pay Per Head ServiceThe month of May is just a few weeks away which means the Triple Crown is right around the corner. For horse bettors and bookies, this is one of the biggest horse racing events of the year. It is made up of three races: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. With millions of betting dollars at stake, now is the time to Open a Racebook with a Pay Per Head.

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world dating back to 4500 BC with nomadic tribes.  of Central Asia. Since then, the sport has been widely popular from chariot races during the Roman empire to modern racetracks today.

As with any sporting event, a fair share of gambling as made in conjunction with the races. Today, things remain the same with gamblers betting billions of dollars on horse races every year. Needless to say, owning a racebook can be a very a very profitable endeavor with the right plan and method.

Our bookie Tutorial will teach you the fastest and most efficient metho to open a Racebook. In fact, with the Pay Per head method, only a minimum amount of knowledge is necessary. This is because the horse betting platform takes care of it all for you.

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Open a Racebook with a Pay Per Head Service

In general, a bookie that offers horse betting should have a good understanding for horse racing. However, it does not mean that they must be an expert at it. Just knowing how to bet on horses and the most popular horse racing events is enough. Or at least, it is if they use a Bookie Pay Per Head Solution to open a racebook.

Using a Pay Per Head service for starting a racebook gives bookies a superior horse betting system. This is because it is easier to manage players and has a bigger horse betting market. Thanks to our real-time reporting and analytics reports, bookies have all of the info necessary to be successful. In addition, using a Bookie PPH service will also include 24/7 customer service for you and your players.

The best part is that this all comes at a cost-efficient price of $5 or less per player. In essence, the horse racing software does it all. Therefore, you can focus is expanding your business and keeping your customers happy!

Open an Online Racebook in three Easy Steps

Step 1. Open a Bookie Account with

No commitment, No Deposit and No personal information Necessary

To open your agent account, you only need to create a username and a password.  Once you submit the form you and will be able to start managing your players right away!

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Step 2. Create a Sports Betting Account for all of your Players

The next step is to simply open a sports betting account for all of your players and set their limits. Afterwards, just point them to one of our sports betting websites and they can start betting on horses right away.

Step 3. Manage Your Players and Collect your Money

The last step is the easiest, using the bookie software, you just need to manage each player. This is done by paying and collecting money while keeping them happy at the same time!

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Open a Racebook with for $5 or Less Per Player!

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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