DraftKings Wants to Take Wagers on the Boston Marathon

DraftKings Wants to Take Wagers on the Boston Marathon

DraftKings Wants to Take Wagers on the Boston MarathonThe Boston Marathon is one of the biggest sporting events in Boston that attracts 500,000 spectators every year. Needless to say, it has quite a large fan base making it an attractive even for bookmakers and sports betting fans. Therefore, it is no surprise that DraftKings Wants to Take Wagers on the Boston Marathon. However, due to the current betting laws in the Massachusetts, betting on road races or running events does not exist.

The beauty of having a solid sports betting software is that you can easily add sporting event to bet on. Or at least, if you have a good sports handicapper and lines manager that can make solid lines for you, As a proactive company, DraftKings is always on the lookout for new sporting events their customer can bet on. Thus, their latest attempt at increasing their sports betting market is by adding the Boston Marathon to their options.

Another reason for their request to allow Betting on the Boston Marathon the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is not so obvious. This is because they want to decrease the competition from offshore sportsbooks who do not have regulations against it.

Since we are talking about a popular even with almost 30,000 athletes from over 100 countries, there will be betting. Thus, this is a preemptive strike from DraftKings to increase their profit and cut down on the competition.

DraftKings Wants to Take Wagers on the Boston Marathon – Decision will be Made Thursday

This year, the Boston Marathon will be held on April 17, 2023. As the oldest annual marathon in the world, it is arguably the world’s best known road racing event. Every year, several bookmakers in the UK, Costa Rica and other countries offer odds on it. This year

According to online bookie software providers, DraftKings said that they want to allow bets on the top 20 professional runners. Furthermore, this wager would be for both the men’s and women’s division. In addition, they also want to have available an over/under wager on the winning time.

A spokesperson for DraftKings said that they are “actively working with regulators to bring the Boston Marathon to their sportsbook.” With this in mind, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will be holding a vote on the matter today.

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