North Carolina Wins the Series Against Duke 3-2 in College Baseball

North Carolina Wins the Series Against Duke 3-2 in College Baseball

North Carolina wins the series against Duke 3-2. Both teams split the first two games, and the Tar Heels prevailed in the series’ final game. Also, fans said history repeated itself because the Blue Devils lost the last game last year.

The Tar Heels won against the Blue Devils 5-3. According to pay per head bookie sources, North Carolina hit .288 this year. However, the Tar Heels managed to get the hits when needed. On the other hand, Duke has yet to win a series against a higher-ranked team.

North Carolina’s lineup attacked Alex Gow right from the start of Game 5. Vance Honeycutt started the hit parade with a double in the first inning. Then, after three batters, Tomas Frick hit a double that allowed Honeycutt to get the first run.

North Carolina Wins the Series

North Carolina Wins the Series Against Duke 3-2 in College BaseballHowever, the Blue Devils started the game with some extra-base hits. Two scoreless frames later, Albright broke the ice by smacking a double down the left field line to start the bottom of the third. Then, according to sports betting reports, Mooney and Fischer both hit doubles to right field, putting the Blue Devils back in front 2-1. Albright and Fischer have become consistent starters this year, with Fischer particularly finding his groove batting second after Mooney.

The third inning was Gow’s best, as he recorded three outs on three pitches. However, in the bottom of the fourth, Johnny Castagnozzi got a hold of one and drove it 421 feet to the left center. According to a bookie pay per head blog, North Carolina junior Mac Horvath finished the day for the Kenyon transfer in the fifth inning when he hit a ball to deep left center, this time with two runners on base, increasing the Tar Heels’ lead to 5-2.

In the top of the sixth inning, Duke made a little dent in the advantage with the help of some small ball. After a double down the left field line by junior Jay Beshears, he advanced to third on a sacrifice fly by fellow junior Alex Stone. Then, junior Luke Storm placed the ball in play by dribbling it slowly back to the pitcher, essentially bunting for Beshears.

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