Sports Betting in Kansas Rebounds in January

Sports Betting in Kansas Rebounds in January

In the latest gambling news in our sportsbook pay per head blog, sports betting in Kansas rebounds in January, hitting over $200 million in handle. We know now that the Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl Champions, but back in January, Kansas residents were very optimistic that the team will get the trophy. And this could have spurred the increase in handle we are seeing in January.

According to the latest report on sports betting in the state, both retail and online sportsbooks saw $206.1 million in wagers for the first month of the year. This is a 12% increase from December 2022’s $181.9 million. The increase in handle not only signifies a more active betting market, but also breaks the 3-month decrease streak in wagering in Kansas.


Sports Betting in Kansas: Is January’s Handle a Preview for Super Bowl Month?

Sports Betting in Kansas Rebounds in JanuaryFebruary tends to be a popular month for sportsbooks, as the Super Bowl generates billions in wagers. So many expect to see more activity in their sportsbook pay per head operations, and so do sportsbooks in Kansas. Mobile betting continues to be the more popular option for bettors. Online sportsbooks took in 95.4% of all wagers.

Meanwhile, revenue for sportsbooks saw a decline from the previous month. For January, revenue is only at $7.2 million, which is 30.1% less than December, with a 3.49% hold rate. With a hold rate this low, it means that bettors took in a lot more money that month.

Another number worth mentioning is that sportsbooks who offer the most promotions and bonuses are also those who generated the highest handle and revenue. So make sure that you are using gambling solutions for operators that will help you with this. With attractive bonuses and promotions, you are likely to increase betting activity in your sportsbook.


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