2022 Gambling Revenue Hit $60 Billion

2022 Gambling Revenue Hit $60 Billion

Last year was a great year to be a casino owner or a sports betting operator in the U.S. This is because according to the American Gambling Association (AGA), the gambling revenue for 2022 were much higher than expected. In fact, the 2022 Gambling Revenue Hit $60 Billion which is a significant increase over 2021.

For the American gambling industry, this was a record year that broke the $53 billion revenue record from 2021. Many experts attribute this record-breaking year to many different internal and external factors. This ranges from having a record Super Bowl Betting year to an increase in the availability of legal sportsbook venues.

One think to keep in mind is that these figures do not include revenue from Tribal casinos and sportsbook. Therefore, the actual gambling revenue in the U.S. for 2022 are actually much larger. In fact, the AGA estimates that the 2022 Tribal gaming revenue could be as high as $41 billion.

Overall, they estimate that 34% (84 million) of American adults made a visit to a casino or sportsbook in 2022. In addition, AGA President and CEO Bill Miller also expects this momentum to carry into 2023.

2022 Gambling Revenue Hit $60 Billion for a Record Year – Revenue Breakdown

2022 Gambling Revenue Hit $60 Billion for a Record Year – Revenue BreakdownOne of the reasons for the record-breaking Gross Gaming Revenue in the U.S. is due to the increase in availability. This is because in 2022, legal sports gambling was available in 33 states including the District of Columbia. Add an increase in the availability of mobile gambling across the board and you get a record-breaking year!

According to data from Bookie Pay Per Head providers, the sports betting industry also had a record-breaking year. In 2021, they the sports wagering revenue had hit a record, $4.33 billion. However, 2022 was a record shattering year for them with a gross revenue of $7.5 billion. According to the sports betting software industry, this is close to a 75% increase in GGR over 2021.

For the casino industry, they saw a large increase in slot machine revenue totaling $34.2 billion. In comparison to 2021, this is a 5% increase over 2021 when they had made $32.5 billion from slots machines. Tables games were also profitable with 14% increase in revenue over 2021 with $10 billion in revenue.

Furthermore, according to the gambling reports, the biggest gambling markets in 2022 was Las Vegas with $8.2 Billion in revenue. Second place was Atlantic City with $28 billion and third place was Baltimore/Washington D.C. with $2.2 billion in revenue.

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