Former NFL Players Sue the League for Denying Disability Benefits

Former NFL Players Sue the League for Denying Disability Benefits

Last updated on February 12th, 2023 at 06:27 pm

Several former NFL players are filing a lawsuit against the league for denying disability benefits. The group said the league denied players benefits for mental impairments and physical injuries despite having team and medical records.

The plaintiffs are Daniel Loper, Michael McKenzie, Willis McGahee, Jason Alford, Jamize Olawale, Eric Smith, Joey Thomas, Lance Zeno, Charles Sims, and Alex Parsons. The group wants compensation for the wrongful denial of benefits.

According to the best pay per head bookie, several former NFL players had their benefits applications denied several times. Also, there were reports that denial rates were more than 90 percent.

Former NFL Players Sue the League

Former NFL Players Sue the League for Denying Disability BenefitsAccording to the complaint, the league lavishly compensated the doctors who evaluated the plaintiffs. Thus, doctors downplayed the severity of the former players’ concerns in their reports. According to Bookie Intelligence sources, the complaint claims that lower-paid doctors are more likely to identify disability appropriately.

For instance, the lawsuit states that during his eleven years working for the board, the doctor who assessed Smith never received more than $72,765 year in compensation. He received a total of $34,268 from April 2015 through March 2016. The doctor’s salary dropped to $16,711 the following year when he examined Smith. Also, he determined Smith had 20 impairment points. Thus, Smith received disability payments.

According to a bookie pay per head blog, the plaintiffs argue doctors had to be impartial. However, the league can’t check if they are fair or not. Also, the NFL does not punish doctors who file erroneous or incomplete allegations.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked at a news conference on Wednesday to explain why so many players are being refused disability compensation. He said that qualified players receive proper benefits.

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