Can Legal Sports Betting in Georgia Become a Reality

Can Legal Sports Betting in Georgia Become a Reality

Legal Sports Betting in Georgia – Possible WorkaroundThe majority of sports betting analyst agree that most states will eventually legalize sports betting within their borders. While there is no set time-frame, we should expect at least 42 states to have legal sports gambling by 2025. However, some states will have bigger challenges in passing a sports betting bills than other. In this case, we are talking about whether Legal Sports Betting in Georgia can become a reality anytime soon.

According to the sportsbook software industry, legalizing sports betting in Georgia will be harder because of their state Constitution. This is because the general thinking is that it would requiring amending the Georgia constitution.

Needless to say, amending the constitution is a huge undertaking. This is because it would first require a two-thirds majority of the legislature. Afterwards, it would need to receive a majority of voters to approve the change.

So far, lawmakers in Georgi have been trying to pass a bill to legalize sports betting since 2020. Unfortunately for sports betting fans, they have not had any luck passing any of the Bills that would legalize it.

However, sports betting backers in Georgia believe there may yet be hope by using a new strategy.

Legal Sports Betting in Georgia – Possible Workaround

The previous attempts were about legalizing most types of gambling like casinos, horse betting and sports betting. In last year’s attempt, it did survive the Senate and made it pass a committee. However, that was as far as it went. This year, lawmakers in favor of sports betting in Georgia expect things to be different. The reason is because they will focus solely on legalizing sports betting rather than try to legalize everything at once.

By using this strategy, an amendment to the Georgia Constitution would not be necessary. According former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold D. Melton and other lawmakers it can be done through a legislative action. At least, that is the case if it becomes legal as part of the state-run lottery for educational purposes.

The Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry believes that 2023 will be more friendly towards legalizing sports betting in the state. First, Gov. Brian Kemp said he would work with legislative leaders this year on a measure to allow sports betting. In addition, more GA lawmakers that support sports gambling will be presiding and service in key committees.

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