Using Contests to Market Your Sportsbook

Using Contests to Market Your Sportsbook

Using Contests to Market Your SportsbookIn order for any betting business to grow, having a healthy customer base is essential. Therefore, sportsbooks use many different types of sportsbook advertising to entice new customers and retain existing clients. One of these methods is have contests and sweepstakes to bring more fun and excitement make their bookie business.  Thus, in this tutorial, we explain how Using Contests to Market Your Sportsbook will increase your player base foundation.

Of course, most sportsbooks cannot afford to give out a million-dollar prize or extravagant items like cars and trips. However, it does not mean that holding a contest is not within their reach. This is because sports betting contests are just a way to increase brand awareness for your business. Therefore, the size of the prize is not as important as bringing hype to your sportsbook.

As long as the prize is within your means and the sportsbook marketing campaign exciting enough, it can be successful. By successful we mean that it will accomplish one or more of your goals for your business. It can be as simple as getting several new leads or player. Or it could simply be increasing the sports betting action to your sportsbook, specific games, sport or events.

The thing to remember is to not give out what you cannot afford. For example, if you have a betting handle of $20,000 per week, you cannot afford to give out extravagant cash prizes and items. Instead, you should give out the prize in the form of free plays.

Using Contests to Market Your Sportsbook – Acquisition and Retention

Before you start planning your contest, the first thing you should do is decide who the contest will be for. Are you trying to target basketball payers or football players? In addition, you also need to figure out the goal you are trying to achieve with this contest.

For example, are you trying to get new players to signup with your sportsbook? If that is the case, perhaps a giveaway might be more advantageous. At least, it could be if they are not sports betting. This is because a giveaway is just a game of chance like a drawing.

Last but not least is deciding whether you are trying to acquire players for your sportsbook or retain them. If your goal is to acquire new players for your sportsbook, then make sure include that in the rules. In addition, the prizes should be flashy since you will be advertising the contest on social media and other places.

However, if you are starting a contest to retain players, then it is a totally different story. This is because this is because you will be advertising directly to your players. For those who use a bookie pay per head service, this is done via the internal communication system or email.

For retaining customers, you want a contest that either makes them want to wager more or deposit more.

Contest Ideas for Your Sportsbook

Super Bowl Square Contest – Since the Super Bowl is right around the corner, a Super Bowl Square contest is ideal to retain customers. A square contest is a grid where players are given squares that corresponds to the final score of the game. The winner of the contest will be one that has a matching score to the final score of the game. Squares can be given for every deposit made by players or other criteria.

March Madness Bracket – The March Madness season is idea to acquire new customers. This is because everyone talks about it and there are millions of college basketball fans out there. The idea is simple, everyone who opens an account with you gets to fill pout a March Madness Bracket for Free The person with the Winning March madness Bracket gets the prize!

Do not forget to announce the winners of each contest on all possible channels you can. Creating a press release for the contest winners will greatly increase your sportsbook’s brand awareness.

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