Latest FIFA World Cup Standings

Latest FIFA World Cup Standings

Its safe to say that this year’s FIFA World Cup has been a mix of controversy, upsets, welcome surprises, and setting new records. Try as we may to forecast who will win to push through the next round of matches, the dynamics make it more challenging. And when it comes to sports betting, challenging means exciting. Those in the process of opening a sportsbook should get a pay per head software so they can create one in time for the next match between Netherlands and Ecuador. Meanwhile, in the latest news on the biggest sports event of the year, let’s take a look at the latest FIFA World Cup standings and get updates on your favorite teams.

Latest FIFA World Cup StandingsWe are in Day 6 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and we have so far seen four 0-0 game results, which means more work for bookies. But with a handy pay per head software, monitoring payouts and refunds will be much easier. So far today, Wales lost out to Iran 0-2, and Senegal beat Qatar 3-1. The next match will be Netherlands versus Ecuador at 11:00 AM ET, then an afternoon match between England and the United States at 2:00 PM ET.

Latest FIFA World Cup Standings and Upcoming Matches

Group A has Netherlands, Ecuador, and Senegal all with 3 points, with hosts Qatar trailing at 1. Next, we have Group B with England and Iran both having 3 points, with the US at 1, then Wales with 0. Group C has Saudi Arabia with 3 points, Poland and Mexico with 1 point each, and Argentina surprisingly at 0. Then we have Group D with France leading at 3 points, Tunisia and Denmark with 1 point each, and Australia trailing at 0.

Group E’s Spain and Japan are going strong with 3 points each, while Germany and Costa Rica both have 0. Group F has Belgium with 3 points, while Croatia and Morocco both have 1 point each. Canada lags behind at 0. Next, Group G’s Brazil and Switzerland are unsurprisingly leading with 3 points each, while Cameroon and Serbia both have 0. Lastly, Group H has Portugal leading at 3 points. South Korea and Uruguay both have a point each, with Ghana at 0.

Latest FIFA World Cup StandingsBetting on the World Cup

Of course, betting in the World Cup will continue over until next month. So expect a busy calendar. Your sportsbook will be getting soccer, football, and basketball action, so make sure you have your sportsbook software sorted. These pay per head reviews should help you narrow your options down.

As for the World Cup, after the World Stage, the top two teams from each group will move on to the Round of 16. The matches for this round will be daily from December 3 to December 7. This will be followed by the Quarter-finals daily from December 9-11. The Semi-finals will be on December 14-15, while the third-place playoff will be on December 17. The Final will be on December 18.


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