How to Pay for Your Bookie Software

How to Pay for Your Bookie Software

Getting into the sports betting industry is not as hard as it seems. Of course, you will need a certain level of knowledge in sports and sports betting. You will also need skills in line management. But other than that, you can rely on your bookie software to help you become a bookie.

When it comes to finding the best software for an online sportsbook, you can easily narrow it down to a good pay per head software. It is very affordable, and gives you all of the tools that you will need to manage a sportsbook. But how much, and how does one pay for a bookie software, and what are the terms or schedule of payment? Are there other details to fix?

A Pay Per Head Service for Your Bookie Business

The best bookie management software comes in the form of a pay per head software. It is called pay per head, because, the cost of the service depends on how many players you have in your sportsbook. With Price Per Player, the cost is $5 per active player per week. If you have 50 players, but only 40 placed a wager that week, then they will charge you 40 x $5, which is $200 for the week.

Keep in mind that with providers like, there are ways you can save even more money. The pay per head fee cost can actually go down the more players you have. They also offer a free two-week trial, so your first couple of weeks of operations are free. There are no additional or hidden fees as well, so you need not worry about being blindsided to having an astronomical bill.

How to Pay for Your Bookie SoftwarePaying for Your Bookie Software

Now that you know how the fee is computed, we now move on to how you will pay for it. Much like any business transaction you do online, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can settle your payment through your own bookie software by transferring, by e-wallets like PayPal, credit cards, and more.

Your fees are also charged per week, so you are not expected to pay a large amount at once. You can always make a deposit and have the balance charged as the weeks pass by, too. That makes it easier for you to do, and hassle free as well. All of the payments you make are documented for everyone’s security and for record purposes. To sum it up, paying for your software is similar to paying for your utility bills, or any online transaction.


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