No Legal Sports Betting in California – Why Did it Fail?

No Legal Sports Betting in California – Why Did it Fail?

No Legal Sports Betting in California – Why Did it Fail?Last Tuesday, all eyes in the U.S. sports betting industry were on California. This is because Californians were not only to electing government officials but also to decide on 2 sports betting bills. By the end of the day, the verdict was in. Thus, there will be No Legal Sports Betting in California this year with an overwhelming majority against it.

Now that legal sports gambling in California is off the table, what is the next step for sportsbooks? Obviously, California is a big market for sports betting and they will not be giving up. However, a change in strategy will be necessary. Especially since before the voting began, the majority of people were in favor of legal sports wagering.

According to bookie pay per head blogs, this was the most expensive ballot proposition in U.S history. This is because supporters and opponents of legalizing sports betting in California spent around $460 million towards both ballots. Needless to say, Californians have been seeing a lot of advertisements about Proposition 26 and 27.

Interestingly enough, supporters of sports betting in California were their own worst enemies. This is because most California Tribes were against Proposition 27 which was to legalize online sports betting. According to Bookie Pay Per Head insiders, if Proposition 27 did not pass, it would keep the competition out of California. Therefore, Tribes is because they had their own interest at heart as it would take away their gambling monopoly.

On the other hand, Proposition 26 would be more beneficial Native American Tribes. This is because it would only legalize in-person sports betting in casinos and in the state’s four major horse tracks. Needless to say, sportsbooks had their own agenda to keep Proposition 26 from passing.

No Legal Sports Betting in California – Sportsbooks Not Giving Up

In the end, the 2 groups were for and against each sports betting proposition. Thus, creating a tug of war for 2 sides each in favor of legal sports betting in California. In fact, the whole affair became a war between them each spending money to defeat the other ballot. If there was a winner in this story it would be sportsbook advertisement and media companies!

In the meanwhile, sportsbooks and native American tribes are not giving up. This is because it is now a matter of switching strategy. However, if both groups want to see Legal Sports Betting in California, they will have to compromise with each other.

Either way, sportsbooks are not giving up and will have to reinvent their campaign strategy to woo voters. As longas their greed does not stop a compromise from happening, sports betting could happen in two years.

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