Coach Ty Lue Describes Clippers as Not a Very Good Team

Coach Ty Lue Describes Clippers as Not a Very Good Team

The Los Angeles Clippers has a disappointing start that even its coach Ty Lue described as not a very good team. He made the statement after their 21-point defeat to New Orleans last Sunday. Also, they extended their losing skid to four games.

Currently, the Clippers are 27th in the NBA in scoring. However, Lue said that that should not be the case with all their talent. Marcus Morris Sr. said that the Pelicans outplayed them. Also, they don’t look like a championship squad.

According to pay per head bookie sources, Paul George hopes the team will raise its intensity on offense and defense. He added that he is committed to helping the team succeed this season. Additionally, he wants the team to find its identity on the hard court.

Coach Ty Lue Disappointed with the Team

Coach Ty Lue Describes Clippers as Not a Very Good TeamHow these four consecutive losses have occurred is profoundly troubling. Also, they highlight the seriousness of the situation. First, the Suns blew them out to start the losing streak. Then, the Thunder completely outplayed them in the second half. In addition, they crumbled in the fourth quarter of their second loss to Oklahoma. Lastly, the Pelicans blew them out of the building.

According to basketball news reports, they are worst in the NBA in turnover % at 17.6 and 27th in 3-point percentage at 31.5, yet they are better than the winless Los Angeles Lakers in offensive rating at 101.3. They are now fourth in the Western Conference, behind only the Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Lakers.

On top of that, Kawhi Leonard has only played 42 minutes this season due to missing four of six games. He seemed ready to return more than a year after tearing his ACL in the 2021 playoffs, but his knee has not reacted well, and it’s unknown when he’ll be back on the floor. Lue said Leonard will not play in Monday’s game against the Rockets due to “injury management.”

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