What Happens at a Sportsbook When a Tennis Player Retires

What Happens at a Sportsbook When a Tennis Player Retires

Last updated on October 2nd, 2022 at 12:04 pm

Tennis is an unpredictable sport. That’s why it is an exciting and frustrating sport to wager on. For this tutorial, we will find out what happens at a sportsbook when a tennis player retires from a match.

When people hear the term retire, they think of a player ending one’s career, as Roger Federer did recently. However, retiring can also mean quitting a match due to fatigue or injury. On the other hand, walkovers are players who advance when their opponents quit before the match.

The wagering rule for walkovers is simple. The match didn’t go through, and the wagers were void. Also, the sportsbook will refund them. However, a player’s retirement during the match is more complicated. Sportsbook software processes the retirement depending on the wager type.

What Happens at a Sportsbook When a Player Retires

What Happens at a Sportsbook When a Tennis Player RetiresAccording to a sportsbook pay per head blog, you need to check the terms and conditions of a sportsbook before you wager on tennis to know its retirement rules. Also, make sure you check if the sportsbook offers first-ball action.

The first ball is one of the four betting options for moneyline in tennis. The match is live if the first ball is played before a player retires. Thus, you can win or lose money based on the bet. However, some sportsbooks require a complete set before a match becomes official. Few sportsbooks require a full match and will void it when one player retires.

When it comes to over/under, the rules are more straightforward. Most wagers are voided if a player retires before they hit over. For instance, if you wagered over 18.5 sets on a match, and the player retired at 19 sets, you win the wager. On the other hand, sportsbooks refund wagers if the number of sets isn’t reached.

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