Nevada Sports Betting Handle Drops in August

Nevada Sports Betting Handle Drops in August

In the latest sports betting news in our bookie pay per head blog, we will be taking a look at the Nevada sports betting handle for August. According to the state’s latest gambling report, sportsbooks in Nevada have a $408.9 million betting handle for the month. This is 2.27% lower than July’s $418.4 million. This is the lowest handle that the state has seen, if you take out all months affected by the pandemic. The lowest ever the state has is $287.8 million in August 2019.

But even though Nevada is in quite the slump if you look at the monthly data, sportsbooks in the state are still doing quite well. In fact, they are third in the US for the highest handle for August. Of course, New York is first with $887.4 million, New Jersey at second with $546.8 million. August typically does have a lower handle as it is the last month prior to football season. Something pay per head bookies should keep in mind.

Nevada Sports Betting Handle

Nevada Sports Betting Handle Drops in AugustAs many in the industry know, September will be a month where sports betting numbers will start to pick up. Baseball was the sport that was most bet on during August, with $270.2 million in handle. In September, we will start to see wagering pick up with the NFL and college football starting. Something many in the industry look forward to.

You can get this sportsbook pay per head for small bookies to get ready for the influx of wagers that you will be getting as we enter the peak season. Even though the handle was lower in August for Nevada, online sports wagering actually increased in the state. Back in July, the mobile handle took in 65.2% of all wagers. But in August, the percentage increases by 9.5% to take up 71.7% of the total wagers in Nevada. Given how online sports betting continues to gain popularity, those wanting to get into the sports betting business should opt for online operations.


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