Missouri Sports Betting Bill Proposed

Missouri Sports Betting Bill Proposed

Our sportsbook pay per head blog keeps track of the latest updates on the legalization of sports betting in the US. This year, we can now add another state to the list of those considering to allow wagering. A Missouri sports betting bill was recently proposed in the state’s capitol. This was during a special legislative session held in Jefferson City.

Just this Wednesday, Representative Dan Houx (R-Warrensburg), introduced House Bill 4. HB 4 aims to legalize both retail and online sports betting in riverboat casinos in Missouri. This bill is actually a bit similar to a previous bill that failed just this year as well. But now, the current bill may be up for a hearing in the House General Laws Committee.

Missouri Sports Betting Bill

Missouri Sports Betting Bill ProposedIt is still uncertain if bills can get a final vote if they are outside the session’s scope. The special session is running to address cuts in income tax and extend agricultural tax credit programs for six years. Sports betting is not in the scope for the extension. Which is what worries others who have interests in seeing sports betting in Missouri. Of course, the bill still is a bit lacking, since the availability of retail and sportsbook software will be limited to riverboat casinos.

States that limit the number of operators offering sports betting tend to perform less than other states that are more open. Given how accessible a sportsbook from a pay per head platform can be, state legislators must recognize the potential of earning more by having a wider operation for sports betting.

Missouri will have a lot to think about when it comes to sports betting. Especially now that neighboring Kansas now has legal sports betting as of September 1. During this time, many attempts from Missouri residents to place wagers in Kansas was documented. Missouri is fast being the last state in its area that has no legal sports betting. If it wants to keep the potential income from taxing betting revenues, then it should begin with good sports betting legislation.


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