The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that Cardiff City FC needs to pay a portion of Emiliano Sala’s transfer fee to Nantes. In addition, the Welsh team needs to pay $6 million to Sala’s former team.

Sala scored 42 goals for Nantes after he moved from Bordeaux in 2015. According to sports betting tutorials and news sites, he signed with Cardiff in January 2019. Also, his deal was worth $19.3 million.

Sala was on his way to Cardiff City when the plane crashed into the English Channel. As a result, the soccer player and the pilot David Ibbotson died. After his family commissioned a private search, his body was recovered from the crash site.

Cardiff City FC to Pay Sala Transfer Fee

Court Ruling Requires Cardiff City FC to Pay Emiliano Sala Transfer FeeCardiff City FC was disappointed with the ruling. Also, they would appeal the decision. The team said the verdict failed to determine Nantes’ liability for the plane crash. However, it would be decided in another forum.

On the other hand, Nantes agreed with the court ruling. They are happy with the court proceeding. Also, it was Cardiff City that started the process. They also caused some delays on various occasions. Thus, it had been a harrowing ordeal for Sala’s close family and friends. Finally, they got some closure on the case.

David Henderson organized Sala’s ill-fated crash. A court sentenced him to 18 months for endangering the plane’s safety.

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