Legal Sports Betting Update in the U.S.

Legal Sports Betting Update in the U.S.

Legal Sports Betting Update in the U.S.: 4 States to WatchTime stands still for no one and the sports betting industry is not an exception. 20 years ago, no one thought that sports betting would ever be legal in the U.S. outside of Las Vegas. Today, states can legalize sports betting if they choose since there is no longer a federal ban on sports gambling. As the start of the 2022-23 NFL season is just weeks away, today we give you a Legal Sports Betting Update in the U.S.

At the moment, sports betting is legal in 30 out of 50 states with 21 of them allowing online gambling. However, there are 6 states in the union where sports wagering is legal not operational. Some of these states like Florida is because of legal and technical issues. Then, we have states like Massachusetts and Maine where sports wagering just became legal this year. For them, pay per head and gambling operators do not expect sports gambling to be available until 2023 or 2024.

Then, we have states where betting on sports is legal but are still awaiting their official launch. Ohio is one of these states where it became legal in 2021 but will not launch until 2023. While it seem that they have been dragging their feet, Ohio did approve its first 200 sports betting licenses recently.

Legal Sports Betting Update in the U.S.: 4 States to Watch

Overall, Legal Sports Betting in the U.S. is advancing at a pretty fast pace. However, a few states in particular are under the watchful gaze of bookmakers or those looking to become a bookie. In this case, we are talking about California, Texas, Florida and Georgia.

Together, these states make up over 30% of the entire U.S. Population and are important states for the gambling industry.

Legal Sports Betting in California –California will be holding a referendum in November to choose which sports betting law they want to adopt. One choice on the ballot would allow mobile apps for sports betting. The other choice would ban betting apps but legalize in-person betting at tribal casinos and horse tracks.

Legal Sports Betting in Texas – Texas is the second most populous state with a population of nearly 30 million inhabitants. However, those in favor of sports betting have not had any luck making it legal. At the moment, sports betting will not be able to be on the ballot for a legislative vote until 2023.

Legal Sports Betting in Florida – Sports gambling in Florida is currently a legal mess. Technically, it is legal and was actually legally available for a few months. However, last December, the gambling compact between the Seminole Tribe and the state was challenged at the Federal level. Now, it looks like a decision will not take place until 2023.

Legal Sports Betting in Georgia – Georgia will have to wait until next year to once again try to legalize sports betting. Despite attempts to legalize it in 2022 and the governmental candidate, Stacy Abrams pushing for it, sports betting remains illegal. If it does become legal, voters will also have to approve the measure as it will require amending the law.

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