Sports Betting in Kansas Goes Live on September 1

Sports Betting in Kansas Goes Live on September 1

On September 1, sports betting in Kansas goes live, and just in time to welcome the football season. Such perfect timing for the Sunflower state, since the NFL season kicks off on September 8. Those learning how to become a bookmaker should set up their bookie software and be ready for the onslaught of wagers from football fans.

In Kansas’ case, both retail and online sports betting can go live on September 1. The state has four casinos where residents can visit to place their wagers in person. Meanwhile sportsbook software is available for bettors who prefer to bet online. According to Kansas Lottery Executive Director Stephen Durrell, September 1 is the tentative soft launch that begins at noon. The full launch will be on September 8. Since NFL betting is the biggest moneymaker for most sportsbooks, the timing could not be more perfect.

Sports Betting in Kansas Goes Live

Sports Betting in Kansas Goes Live on September 1For those who love betting local, the Kansas City Chiefs’ first game will be on September 11 on the road as they visit the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale. The Chiefs are the favorite to win, according to many bookie pay per head blog sites. Odds for the first week of the season is already out, and sportsbooks are starting to get more wagers. Kansas residents will have to wait for more than a week, but better late than never.

The pace at which Kansas is moving to roll out sports betting before the football season is very fast, especially if compared to other states. The bill to legalize sports betting was passed just this May. The state’s regulatory body has been hard at work ensuring that the launch will happen soon, and the Kansas lottery is also working with the Kansas Attorney General’s office to ensure that all regulations will cause no problems. The state is looking forward to the revenue they can generate from taxes on sports betting, while residents are excited to be able to freely bet on any sport they want to.

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