Stacy Abrams Wants Legal Sports Betting in Georgia as Part of her Economic PlatformThe election for the Governor of Georgia is 3 months away and candidates are going all out to garner votes.  One way to get more votes, is by supporting certain laws that would bring more revenue to the state coffer.  Therefore, in a bid to increase her popularity, Stacy Abrams Wants Legal Casino and Sports Betting in Georgia

Stacy Abrams is a Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia who lost against Brian Kemp back in 2018. This year, she is once again on the ballot and is a +350 underdog according to bookmakers. As part of her campaign, she supports education and gambling. In fact, Abrams plans to provide successful students with more opportunities and to fight for the legalization of gambling in the state.

According to gambling software news, Abram is backing a plan to legalize sports betting to expand the HOPE scholarship program.  In addition, the plan would finance a needs-based program as part of her economic platform.

She said that the new tax dollars from legal sports betting would be a “permanent source of revenue”.  Furthermore, it would “underwrite broader access to education” and include extending scholarships to students with a “C” average and above.

Stacy Abrams Wants Legal Sports Betting in Georgia as Part of her Economic Platform

Abram is now running on a platform that would find a way to accomplish her goals without raising taxes. Her answer is by legalizing sports betting and casinos in Georgia. She believes it would also provide new economic opportunities by allowing people to make a living from sports betting.

Those looking to open a sportsbook in Georgia and gamblers will probably consider voting for Stacy Abrams. However, for them, it is just a part of the struggle to bring sports betting to the Peach state. This is because Georgia is a conservative state with a strong stance against gambling as an industry.

Supporters of Gambling in Georgia have been trying to legalize sports betting in the last few years but without success. However, every time a new gambling bill gets on the ballot, the movement to legalize gambling in Georgia gets stronger. As part of her economic platform, Abrams is hoping that supporting legal gambling will help her defeat Kemp this Fall.

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