Michigan Sportsbook Industry Sees Less This June

Michigan Sportsbook Industry Sees Less This June

As many in the sportsbook pay per head industry know, summer is generally a slow season for sports betting in the US. There are way less sports events happening compared to the fall, and even during winter. Summer’s saving grace is baseball, and a slew of other sports such as tennis, golf, and the like. But the numbers are still going to be lower, as seen in the Michigan sportsbook industry.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board recently released the sports betting report for the month of June. Before you read the numbers, remember that lower numbers this month should not discourage you from becoming a bookie. Like in any other industry, there are slow and peak seasons. This betting report will give you an idea of how things are even when the market is slow moving. Slow as it is, note that the numbers are still good.

Michigan Sportsbook Industry in June

Michigan Sportsbook Industry Sees Less This JuneThe total sports betting handle of Michigan sportsbooks in June is at $292.4 million. This is around 18% less than the total handle back in May. This is the first time since August 2021 that the total betting handle of the state has dipped below $300 million. But while we are looking at last year’s numbers, it is worth noting that June 2022’s handle is still higher than June 2021’s handle of $259 million.

Of course, the numbers are still in the hundreds of millions, which is a good sign for those in the sportsbook pay per head business. In fact, the total online sports betting handle in Michigan is at $2.3 billion. Gross and adjusted revenue is at $167.3 million and $74.1 million. Sports betting started in retail sportsbooks in Michigan in March 2020, while online sportsbooks launched back in January 2021. Again, while the numbers are lower, its still not bad for a billion-dollar industry.


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