Hockey Canada Apologizes for Lack of Action on Sexual Assault Claims

Hockey Canada Apologizes for Lack of Action on Sexual Assault Claims

Last updated on July 17th, 2022 at 06:24 am

Hockey Canada apologizes for its lack of action after members of the world junior team allegedly committed sexual assault. The organization said it would reopen an independent investigation. Also, the move came after an outcry from families, fans, and sponsors following the announcement of the previous investigation.

The overseeing body failed to act on the alleged 2018 attack on a woman by junior team members. The incident took place in London, Ontario.

According to a sportsbook pay per head blog, Hockey Canada says all individuals from the 2018 group will be expected to participate in the new examination or generally be prohibited from all Hockey Canada exercises and projects taking effect now.

Hockey Canada Apologizes

Hockey Canada Apologizes for Lack of Action on Sexual Assault ClaimsThe examination comes two months after Canadian telecaster TSN revealed that a woman filed a lawsuit against members of the junior team, the Canadian Hockey League, and Hockey Canada after a settlement.

In May, the National Hockey League recognized the caseĀ  filed against the eight members of the Canadian Junior Team. The association called the claims detestable and inexcusable.

In June, the Canadian government declared it was freezing administrative and public subsidizing for Hockey Canada until the association presented the aftereffects of the first examination and plans for carrying out a change inside Hockey Canada. Canada’s Minister of Sport Pascale St-Onge said that the organization needs to change its culture. There’s no need to focus on basic Band-Aid arrangements.

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