NBA Sports Betting Update: Free Agency

NBA Sports Betting Update: Free Agency

Our latest NBA Sports betting update talks about the NBA 2022 Free Agency, which is the most exciting NBA sports betting event during summer. Here, people place wagers on their bookie’s sports betting software. They will try to find out which player will be transfer to what team. As one of the most exciting off season events in basketball, many are still waiting for some players to be traded. While we saw a lot of winning trades as soon as Free Agency started, there are still some players left in the board.

We still do not know if Kevin Durant will be heading out of the Nets. The Suns are still not talking about DeAndre Ayton. James Harden may or may not extend his stay with Philly, but we are still not hearing anything yet. For now, let’s talk about some of the most popular players being talked about in a bookie pay per head blog.

NBA Sports Betting Update: Free Agency Trades

NBA Sports Betting Update: Free AgencyThe Boston Celtics has an even shinier future, signing Danilo Gallinari from the Spurs. They also got a trade with the Pacers involving Malcolm Brogdon for Daniel Theis, Aaron Nesmith, Malik Fitts, Nik Stausas, Juwan Morgan, plus a 2023 First Round Pick from Boston. Gallinari will further strengthen the Celtics with his defensive and scoring skills. The Rockets will also have a stronger team, getting Jabari Smith in the draft. But even better, they have a boatload of unprotected, first-round picks and swaps from 2023 all the way to 2027.

Zion Williamson got a multimillion extension with the Pelicans, too. It’s a risk for the Pelicans, so let’s all cross our fingers Williamson stays uninjured. The Timberwolves also got Rudy Gobert. Gobert will be joining Karl-Anthony Towns. With so many more exciting winning trades so far, you should start reading up on sports betting tutorials and get ready for the upcoming NBA season.


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