Ohio Sports Betting Will Start January 2023

Ohio Sports Betting Will Start January 2023

It will be a happy new year for betting software users in Ohio next year. After all, Ohio sports betting may launch as early as January 1, 2023, according to the Ohio Casino Control Commission. They will not be announcing the official start date of sports betting in the state until June 1 this year. Of course, many bettors were expecting that the market will open sooner in the state. This is especially true for football fans who would love to bet on the NFL.

But since the NFL starts in September, its unlikely that sportsbooks will be open by then. This does give bettors to learn more about sports betting through gambling tutorials. But still, the longer the delay, the more potential revenue they lose from bettors placing their wagers elsewhere.

Ohio Sports Betting

Ohio Sports Betting Will Start January 2023The commission does want to be very thorough in drafting the regulations for sports betting in Ohio. They will also be determining how many sportsbook operators they will be issuing licenses to. Once the regulations are set, they can start accepting and reviewing applications for sports betting licenses. Which gives them a longer time to do everything, with a strong possibility that a launch will happen in 2023. Again, this is nothing new, as most states do tend to take their time in launching sports betting, as documented in many a bookie pay per head blog.

Of course, the date is not set in stone. The law on Ohio sports betting actually gives a January deadline for a launch. So technically, it would not be wrong to expect a shorter period before launch. Legislators want sports betting to go live in the state before the MLB World Series, while some believe that a launch could happen around fall. Ohio’s potential sportsbooks can start applying by June 15 and will close in the summer. After which the state will announce whose applications were approved.

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