How Realistic is it to Expect Legal Sports Betting in Texas?

How Realistic is it to Expect Legal Sports Betting in Texas?

When New York, one of the most populated states in the country, launched mobile sports betting, it seems like the market just exploded overnight. Left and right, our pay per head bookie blog was getting reports of a huge surge of sports betting in the state. From driving upstate to retail sportsbooks to crossing over to New Jersey to place bets, residents can suddenly place wagers right from where they were standing. With Texas, the second most populous state in the country, not offering sports betting, many are wondering if they will follow the footsteps of New York. Should we expect to see sports betting in Texas too?

To say that Texas loves sports is an understatement. From college sports to professional sports such as basketball, baseball, and football, the state has strong representation in athletics and with sports fans as well. Any sportsbook marketing strategist will say that Texas will be such a big market, similar, and maybe even more, than New York.

Sports Betting in Texas

How Realistic is it to Expect Legal Sports Betting in Texas?Currently, sports betting is not legal in Texas. There is such a staunch stand against gambling in the state. Previous efforts to legalize sports betting in the state have been dropped. Voting on sports betting legislation on the state will not even happen until 2023. Even then, many wonder if efforts to legalize sports betting in the state will be futile. Some remain optimistic, with some politicians even adding the legalization of sports betting and casino gaming to their campaign.

It is, after all, a way for the state to earn from gambling, which is already happening in the state. Many residents travel across the state to visit sportsbooks and casinos. From a business point of view, the state is losing out on potential revenue from sports betting taxes that neighboring states are currently earning. It will surely be an uphill battle for legislators to legalize sports betting and gambling in the state. Good thing that for many in the sports betting industry, reaching customers is not a problem thanks to the best pay per head bookie software.

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