Maine Sportsbook Bill Passes Senate

Maine Sportsbook Bill Passes Senate

We may see sports betting soon in Maine, as the Maine sportsbook bill finally passes the Senate. The bill will now be sent to Governor Janet Mills to consider. Once she signs the bill into law, the steps to create and regulate the local betting market will proceed. This is for both retail and online betting. Making online sportsbook profits is fairly easy, especially when you have a very willing betting market. And Maine residents will surely welcome sports betting in the state.

The bill will give online licenses to three tribes, while brick-and-mortar sports betting will be allowed at two casinos, while a few other horse racing and gaming venues will also have the option to open a retail sportsbook in their facilities. The Senate passing the sports betting bill had many worried This is especially since Tuesday (the day the bill passed) was the last day of the legislative session for the year.


Maine Sportsbook Bill

Maine Sportsbook Bill Passes SenateThose who manage a PPH sportsbook know just how bankable online sports betting is. Which is why some sectors have voiced their opposition against the bill. This is because the law then leaves other parties unable to offer online sports betting. While the bill aims to push sports betting in the state, the bill is extremely limiting. Only a very few slots for both retail and online sports betting. Many in the industry believe that limited betting markets such as this will not be as competitive and innovative as other markets with more sportsbooks as there is little competition and motivation to improve their services.

And, it also limits the variety and quality of gambling products that the betting public will have access to. Unlike a pay per head platform, which has a wide reach and offers thousands of betting and gambling options, the local market will have few options. In other states with similar policies, the handle is remarkably lower than other states, and reports abound that people would rather travel and look for sportsbooks elsewhere for better options.


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