Now that we are so close to the end of NCAA basketball season, we will be taking a closer look on the latest in some conference tournaments. Today, we’ll cover our pay per head update on the NCAA West Coast Conference. This conference is particularly popular in many bookies who use our pay per head service. Some bettors think it is quite predictable as its mostly been Gonzaga’s reign in this conference over the recent years. But when it comes to sports betting, this just becomes more exciting.

Take these steps to becoming a bookie soon, as you will not want to miss out on the remainder of college basketball season. And if we look at the West Coast conference, we should talk about the Bulldogs first. Since 2011, they have won 9 out of 11 tournaments. They have also won 18 titles since 1999. Currently, if you look at the odds for Gonzaga, they are favorites to win at around -380 to -390.

Pay Per Head Update on the NCAA Basketball West Coast Conference

Pay Per Head Update on the NCAA Basketball West Coast ConferenceThe sportsbook pay per head industry earns millions each year on college basketball betting. And given how popular these teams are, it will not be surprising to see sportsbooks get a lot of action on the West Coast Conference. Next to the Bulldogs, St. Mary’s come next at around +500 in sportsbooks.

In fact, the recent 67-57 loss of Gonzaga to St. Mary’s was one of the most exciting games recently. Both teams, however, qualify for a double-bye, which gives them time to rest until Monday’s semifinal round. Tuesday will be the championship game. Gonzaga is estimated to play against either BYU or San Francisco in the semifinals round. Both teams will not be much of a threat to Gonzaga. In fact, a lot of bettors are looking at the possible game between Gonzaga and St. Mary’s again.


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