Nevada Sportsbooks Earn New Record in Super Bowl Betting

Nevada Sportsbooks Earn New Record in Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl betting in Nevada has never been better, and we say this in the most literal sense as Nevada sportsbooks set a new Super Bowl betting record.. Betting on the Super Bowl LVI brings in $179.8 million in wagers. This is the highest handle recorded for the popular football event. If anything, this is one of the best reasons to become a bookie. Because the potential to earn such a big profit in a day is not something you will see in just any industry.

To put things into perspective, the previous record of the state is at $158.6 million back in 2018. This was when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33. According to our sportsbook pay per head blog, the Super Bowl is expected to generate billions in handle across the country. Nevada’s handle is proof that this could easily be true, once we see all the reports for Super Bowl betting throughout states that offer sports betting. This game will also likely boost the monthly handles that states will be seeing for the month of February. It is one of the reasons why winter is the busiest season in sports betting.

Super Bowl Betting Success

Nevada Sportsbooks Earn New Record in Super Bowl BettingBookies prefer the use of gambling products for online sportsbooks to help them manage large-volume betting, which is the case in the state. Nevada sportsbooks have a $15.3 million net revenue on this event alone. This is usually the revenue of other states in one whole month. In terms of revenue, this is the 4th highest Super Bowl revenue that Nevada sportsbooks have seen since 1991.

So far, among the state that have reported Super Bowl numbers, Nevada has the highest handle recorded. New Jersey comes close with $143.7 million, while Pennsylvania has $68 million in Super Bowl wagers. Illinois also fared well, taking in $60.5 million in bets. The numbers are very clear: sports betting is getting even more popular than ever. So if you have plans of getting into the sports betting industry, there is no better time than now.


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