A Guide to Super Bowl LVI Prop Betting

A Guide to Super Bowl LVI Prop Betting

Last updated on January 29th, 2022 at 11:47 am

Prop bets make watching the Super Bowl more engaging. There are hundreds of prop bets to wager on at various sportsbooks. The best pay per head bookie allows you to wager on prop bets before and during game day. Here’s a simple guide to Super Bowl LVI prop betting.

According to NFL betting strategies, prop bets are not profitable. However, we will not stop you from placing wagers on some props during the Super Bowl. You can bet on anything from the length of the halftime show to the winner of the coin toss.

Super Bowl LVI Prop Betting

A Guide to Super Bowl LVI Prop BettingThere are two types of NFL prop bets – off-field props and on-field props. Off-field props are fun. However, bookies spend time coming up with lines for these wagers. For instance, the coin toss wager can look like:
Heads -110
Tails -112

The odds can start at -110 on each side. However, it can change according to the betting action. For this line, a $110 wager on Heads will win you $100. Also, betting $112 on Tails will return $100.

On-field props are events happening during the game. For example, some on-field props include the first player to score in the Super Bowl, the quarterback with the most passing yards, or whether special teams can score.

According to football betting tutorials, prop wagers can be explicit to the presentation of individual players, while others will rotate around the actual groups. In both classifications, there will be bunches of various decisions to consider.

Super Bowl MVP chances will be recorded for most players in the game. There will be top choices, a few real longshots in the base, and every other person in the center. Assuming you nail a dark horse wager, you could be in line for a great day.

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