Update on Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open

Update on Novak Djokovic and the Australian Open

Last updated on January 8th, 2022 at 06:53 am

According to the recent update on Novak Djokovic, Tennis Australia gave the World No. 1 a medical exemption to participate in the Australian Open. However, Australian health authorities still confined Djokovic in a Melbourne hotel.

Djokovic’s first Covid-positive PCR test was recorded on December 16, 2021. After not giving indications of a fever or “respiratory side effects,” he applied for a clinical exception to contend in the Australian Open, as per the archive.

According to PPH bookie reports, the 34-year-old recently criticized COVID vaccine policies. He received a medical exclusion from participating in the competition unvaccinated because he recuperated from COVID.

Update on Novak Djokovic

Update on Novak Djokovic and the Australian OpenThe archives, submitted to the court ahead of Djokovic’s hearing Monday, affirmed the player was unvaccinated when he showed up in Australia on January 5.

After being addressed by the Australian Border Force, the accommodation expresses that Djokovic’s still up in the air to be invalid under Australia’s BioSecurity Act since his “past contamination with COVID-19 isn’t viewed as a clinical contraindication for Covid-19 immunization in Australia.”

A “clinical contraindication” is conceded in exact circumstances where a medication, system, immunization, or medical procedure ought not to be utilized because it very well might be destructive to an individual’s wellbeing.

Djokovic’s visa was then dropped on January 6 under Section 116(1)(e) of the Migration Act, which “takes into account the undoing of a visa where the holder represents a danger to the wellbeing, security or great request of the Australian people group, or to a person inside the Australian people group.”

Djokovic’s legal advisors contended in the accommodation that the nine-time Australian Open hero had a long list of motivations to accept he would be allowed section into the country as he “held a visa unfit by any critical condition. Also, he received a certificate of a clinical exception from immunization from the competition coordinator. Furthermore, he received a document from the Department of Home Affairs stating that he met the prerequisites for quarantine-free arrival in Australia.

The Australian Open will start on January 17. You still have time to watch bookie video tutorials and launch a sportsbook. If you are still in doubt, find out the reasons to become a bookie in our blog section.

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