Why a Pay Per Head Service Benefits Small Bookies

Why a Pay Per Head Service Benefits Small Bookies

How a Pay Per Head Service Benefits Small Bookies As the sports betting industry around the world is growing, more people are showing interest in becoming an independent bookie. And why not? A being a bookie is a great way to make money and do something that you enjoy. Unfortunately, the competition is difficult for small bookies as they have to compete with large sportsbooks. However, thanks to the Bookie PPH industry, small bookmakers can achieve that dream. In this article, you will find out How and Why a Pay Per Head Service Benefits Small Bookies.

Of course, small bookies should be realistic about their expectations. If you are trying compete with large gambling operations like BetMGM or FANDUEL you should stop right now. We are not saying it is impossible. Only that unless you have a few millions in cash to invest, it will not happen.

However, if you want to make a living from sports betting, then a Bookie Pay Per Head is just right. In addition, being a small bookie does not mean you cannot become wealthy. It just means that you will not have tens of thousands of players or have a deal with ESPN. Instead, you will 10 tor a few hundred players that will give you a steady income.

How a Pay Per Head Service Benefits Small Bookies

There are several reasons as to why a Pay Per Head Service is beneficial to small and large bookies. The main reason is because it is very affordable since you only pay per active player. This kind of business model means that you only pay for the service when you have paying clients.

Today’s sports betting market is all about having an online presence as online wagers are overtaking bets at betting venues. A Pay Per head Benefits bookies because they provide you with your own bookie website s part of the service.

In addition, the service comes with a full sportsbook management platform giving you complete control over your operation. Whether it be managing your players’ wagers, deposits or sports betting lines, you can do it all with a PPH.

From an economical point of view, most small bookies could not afford to have a 24/7 staff on standby. However, a PPH provides a 24/7 support staff for both bookies and players as part of the cost per player.

The more gambling options you give your players, the more money a bookie makes. Thus, another advantage bookies get is that they can offer more gambling options like casino and racebook without paying extra.

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