New York Online Sports Betting Launch Set to Late January

New York Online Sports Betting Launch Set to Late January

The New York online sports betting market may launch by around late January 2022. While the demand for online betting software continues, the state wants to ensure that operators will be 100% prepared to launch with less risk for glitches and bugs. Ideally, they would want to start before the NFL playoffs, but that will still depend on a lot of factors.

If you know how a sportsbook pay per head works, then you know what goes into preparing a sportsbook for your players to use. The New York Gaming Commission wants to make sure that operators will be ready by the start date. They would prefer to set a start date where majority of the operators will be able to join.

New York Online Sports Betting Market

New York Online Sports Betting Launch Set to Late JanuaryNew Yorkers have been waiting for mobile sports betting for quite a long time. Currently residents can go over to tribal casinos to place wagers. But since it is quite far, its actually easier for many to commute. Just hop on a train, or a bus, or even drive to New Jersey and place a bet on their phones. To be able to gain access to an online sportsbook while in New York will be a huge convenience for many.

Likewise, the state can earn from tax revenues instead of practically giving it away to neighboring states. New Jersey has been millions in revenue from a billion-dollar monthly handle. They are currently the highest performing sports betting market in the country. If you are interested in knowing more about the sports betting industry, here are some videos on how to become a bookie and open a sportsbook.


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