Peng Shuai Video Call Reactions Puzzles IOC Member

Peng Shuai Video Call Reactions Puzzles IOC Member

A long-time member of the International Olympic Committee, Dick Pound, questions the Peng Shuai video call reactions. He said that many people want to know about Peng’s condition. However, nobody was able to establish contact, except for the IOC.

According to sports betting software reports, the video call comes after Peng blamed previous Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli for constraining her into sex at his home. However, she deleted the social media post dated November 2.

Following the allegation, Peng vanished from general visibility. As a result, several tennis players are looking for. Also, they posted in social media using the hashtag #WhereIsPengShuai.

Peng Shuai Video Call Reactions

peng-shuai-video-call-reactionsAccording to sportsbook pay per head for agents, the IOC has not made the video freely accessible. Also, they didn’t say how they made the call. It instead delivered a picture of the call and an assertion saying Peng is “protected and all things considered, residing at her home in Beijing, however, might want to have her security regarded as of now.”

Recently, Human Rights Watch China Director Sophie Richardson impugned the IOC’s job working together with Chinese experts on Peng’s return. At the same time, the top of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), Steve Simon, said the IOC’s mediation lacks the convincing power to alleviate worries about Peng’s wellbeing.

Pound added that he had not seen a recording of the video call. However, it is “basically depending on the consolidated judgment of the three IOC individuals who were on the call.”

Peng was joined on the call by a Chinese games official who once filled in as the Communist Party secretary of the Chinese Tennis Administration Center.

Pound likewise rejected any expected irreconcilable situation between the IOC and the Chinese government with the Beijing Winter Olympics set to start in February.

The WTA and the United Nations have required a complete examination concerning her charges of rape.

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