Black Friday Bonuses a Bookie Can Offer

Black Friday Bonuses a Bookie Can Offer

Its Thanksgiving weekend, and to the retail world, Black Friday weekend. Given the holidays, shopping is not the only exciting thing that people can do. Because a lot of the top professional sports leagues are putting in great lineups of games this weekend. In addition to these games, you can make your sportsbook more exciting for your players to place wagers with Black Friday bonuses a bookie can offer in your sportsbook.

For this weekend, you can get a lot of great lines betting on the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, and a few soccer leagues as well. You can also win big on NCAA college sports. So what kind of promotions and bonuses can you offer to your players? Remember back when you were learning about becoming a bookie, and you found out about free bets and bonuses? You can offer the basics, of course. But since this is a special holiday, you can have better and more special black friday bonuses a bookie can give to your players.

Black Friday Bonuses a Bookie Can Offer

Black Friday Bonuses a Bookie Can OfferAside from rebates, or giving your players back their bet if they lose, you can offer more attractive options, like giving 5x their wager if both teams will score in every quarter of a specific NFL game. You can set conditions to minimize spending by setting a max limit of $25 wager for this promo. Basically, your player needs both teams to score, and if they bet $25, then they win $150. You can change the terms of this promo, of course, since you own a sports betting operation that you are running now. This is just an example to help you understand the terms of any possible offer you can give.

You can also reward your players for betting on Black Friday weekend. For example, if they were to place a $50 bet on any NBA game, then they get $25 in free credit. Or, you can be very specific and offer $100 to anyone who places a bet on a team that scores a touchdown in the NFL. Some bookies are known to offer random bonuses too, like a raffle for all players who bet over the weekend.

Generate More Betting Action During Thanksgiving Weekend

You already have the best bookie software running your sportsbook operations for you, so a busy weekend will be more manageable. Remember to check the reports and see how you can offer bonuses strategically. For instance, if you want to balance the line on a certain wager, then maybe instead of adjusting thae line, offer a bonus instead.

It is crucial for you to always set terms and conditions for your promotions. For instance, any Black Friday Promo will not work on using current rewards or bonuses gained earlier, or cannot be combined with any other promo. You can set maximum wager amounts for bonus wagers, too. Make your sportsbook an attractive option for your players to bet on this weekend, and enjoy a great boost in revenue.


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