ani Alves Will Return to Barcelona, Reunites with Xavi

Dani Alves Will Return to Barcelona, Reunites with Xavi

Last updated on November 13th, 2021 at 04:20 pm

Dani Alves will return to Barcelona. Also, he would reunite with former teammate Xavi, who is now the manager of the team. According to reports, he came up with an agreement in principle with the team.

Barcelona announced that Alves would be a starter for the remainder of the current season. According to bookie software solution reports, the football star will start training with the team next week. However, he will play for the team beginning in January. The team statement called Alves the greatest right back in the club’s history.

Alves returns to Barca five years after he left the team for Juventus. He joined Barcelona in 2008 and spent eight years with the team. Also, Alves played 391 games and scored 23 goals. In addition, he won 23 titles with Barca, including 4 Copa del Rey, 3 Champions League, and 6 Spanish league titles.

Dani Alves Will Return to Barcelona

ani Alves Will Return to Barcelona, Reunites with XaviAccording to pay per head for agents, Alves joined Juventus in 2016. Also, he played for Paris Saint-Germain and Sao Paulo. After that, he rejoins Barcelona as one of the most decorated players in history with 46 titles.

In an amusing fortuitous event, Alves was Guardiola’s first marking when he became director in 2008. What’s more, he is Xavi’s first signing.

The club will trust Xavi can have a comparative effect on Guardiola, who changed the club into one of the best sides that football has at any point seen.

It implies Alves was brought together with Xavi, a partner of his, from 2008 until 2015 when Xavi left for Qatar. They won 19 significant prizes together, including five La Liga titles and three Champions Leagues.

Presently Xavi is the Barcelona manager. Also, he hopes the arrival of Alves can assist La Liga to improve its standing in the remaining games of the season.

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