How Social Media Can Help Promote Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

How Social Media Can Help Promote Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

When looking for ways to promote your pay per head sportsbook, social media is always one of the first options that business owners look at. It is, after all, free for the most part. You can choose to advertise, and pick a rate you can afford and level of exposure that you think you need. But most start out free, and focus on building their respective brand online. This means generating content for your followers to read, and directly interacting with them as needed.

A lot of bookies actually use social media as an extended customer service channel as well. Normally, since a pay per head offers all-in-one gambling services complete with all the bells and whistles, pay per head providers do offer 24/7 customer service through phone, chat, or email. But as a bookie, if you want more direct interaction with your players, then social media is another convenient alternative to use.

Promote Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook Through Social Media

How Social Media Can Help Promote Your Pay Per Head SportsbookFor instance, you can post popular lines on Twitter or Facebook to announce something, like the latest lines on the LA Lakers‘ game. You can build a fan page on Facebook and Instagram, or even tiktok, and post content there. You can also create a Facebook group for the exclusive content that you want to give to your current players. Then, you can also get more followers and fans, who you can invite to your sportsbook. It really is almost as easy as becoming a bookie pay per head user, in terms of setting up your accounts.

These social media sites are the perfect platform for you to establish your brand as a sportsbook. It is also one of the easiest ways to interact with players. You can offer promotions, share some sports and sports betting news, and engage your players directly by replying to their comments and questions.

Even though there are a lot of ways you can advertise and market your sportsbook, social media remains to generate high visibility and engagement from current and potential players in your sportsbook. Remember that building a great professional relationship with your players is a great way to increase customer retention, encourage referrals, and get them to bet in your sportsbook in the long term.


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