Nevada Sports Betting Handle Sets New Record in September

Nevada Sports Betting Handle Reaches a New Record in September

The Nevada sports betting handle reaches a new record high for the month of September. Sportsbooks in the gambling capital of the country has a record monthly high total sports betting handle of $786.5 million. This is 84% higher than August’s $427.4 million, and 36.7% higher than September 2020’s $575.1 million. This is the highest handle that the state has had since October 2020, which was $659.9 million.

The total mobile sports betting handle of Nevada is also a record-high, with $495.3 million worth of wagers from online sportsbooks. This is 67% higher than August’s $296.5 million, and 57% higher than September 2020’s $315.5 million. The previous highest mobile handle of Nevada was also back in October 2020, at $376.8 million. The monthly mobile handle for September shows us that online sportsbooks took in 63% of all of the wagers for the month.

Nevada Sports Betting for September

Nevada Sports Betting Handle Sets New Record in SeptemberNevada is known for retail gambling and sportsbooks, with Las Vegas being the premier destination for gambling. Historically, while online sports betting is popular, retail betting still remains high in the state. Nevada’s uniqueness sets it apart from the other large betting markets in the country, where online sports betting tends to take in the lion’s share of wagers. However, with the help of sportsbook marketing and the increasing popularity of sports betting, online sportsbooks are steadily gaining more action over the past few years. Even Nevada’s retail betting-driven market is showing us increases in mobile handles.

Nevada is not the only one with a new betting record in the state. New Jersey, for instance, set their highest monthly handle and has broken the $1 billion sports betting mark for September. The massive increase in betting handle is largely credited to football. While baseball has been the dominant sport for sports betting since May, the NFL and college football have now come to take over. With both leagues starting in September, it comes as no surprise that sportsbooks using the best sports betting software are seeing an enormous increase in betting activity. What’s more, is that basketball and hockey can both drive in more betting action in October. And this could mean that we may see sports betting records being broken again in the next month.


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