Bookie Report on Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie Irving

Bookie Report on Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie Irving

Last updated on October 30th, 2021 at 03:36 pm

Brooklyn Nets owner Joseph Tsai is still uncertain when unvaccinated NBA star Kyrie Irving will play. The star point guard chose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. So although the NBA doesn’t require players to be vaccinated, Irving doesn’t qualify to play in home games.

New York mandate requires people to have at least one vaccine shot to enter large indoor venues. Before the season, the Nets stated that Irving would not practice or play with the team unless he became a full participant.

Tsai said that Irving needs proof of vaccination to play with the team if the New York mandate remains in effect. Also, he added that he doesn’t know when the city would change the COVID mandate.

Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie Irving

Bookie Report on Unvaccinated NBA Star Kyrie IrvingDecision-makers of the city are relying on science to make their decisions. Also, they depend on what the health department tells them. Tsai said he hasn’t spoken to Irving since the team took a stance on his involvement this season.

According to a bookie agent, Tsai respects Kyrie’s beliefs. However, they had to make a team decision. Also, it was not a decision about an individual. They made the decision based on where they wanted to go as a team.

According to sports news reports, the Nets didn’t want a player that comes as one pleases. They can’t rely on a player who can only play away games. It would disrupt their practices. Also, they would have six home games in the upcoming week. Thus, they couldn’t use Irving.

Irving acts as if he wants to become an independent bookie. Although it is a good thing when running a bookie business, it is not the same when you’re part of a team. However, basketball is a team game, and the team wants every member to be on the same page. As for the Nets have high expectations this season, with or without Irving on the roster.

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