Using Your Bookie Pay Per Head Tools to Increase Profits

Using Your Bookie Pay Per Head Tools to Increase Profits

Using Your Bookie Pay Per Head Tools to Increase ProfitsRunning a sportsbook is no easy task but thanks to modern technology, it is much easier than before! This is because gone are the days of pen and paper or even spreadsheet to manage your sportsbook and players. Thanks to better sportsbook platforms like the ones found in Bookie Pay Per Head Services managing your sportsbook is easy. However, just having the right bookie tools does not mean instant success for your sports betting operation. Thus, today we talk about properly using your Bookie Pay Per Head Tools to increase your profits.

Before we start, keep in mind that not all Bookie PPH have the tools we will go over. This is because some, like the sports betting platform are superior to others.  Unfortunately, some PPH services will shamelessly overcharge bookies for an inferior product. If you have not chosen a provider yet, make sure it includes all of the Bookie PPH tools we mention.

All bookie tools and features have been made for a specific reason. In order to maximize your sportsbook, bookie must fully understand how a sportsbook Pay Per Head Works and their tools. Therefore, this tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with the basic and the more advance features of their PPH platform

How to Properly use Your Bookie Pay Per Head Tools

Player Management Tool – This is the section that helps you manage your players from setting limits to gambling options. All players should be seen as individuals first and a group second. Therefore, make sure to setup each player according to their needs and betting habits.

Players Daily and Weekly Tracking reports – Keeping track of your players’ wagers is an essential part of being a successful bookie. However, it can be a daunting task if you have more than 20 players. This is why provides you with player tracking tools to analyze your sportsbook’s performance. By keeping track of your bettors’ wagers, will know peak betting hours and popular bets to adjust sportsbook accordingly.

The Hold Percentage Tool – Knowing your hold percentage is what determines your profit. Needless to say, it is a very important tool as it will help you determine how to improve it. This is because it will tell you the hold percentage for specific wagers, sports leagues and so on. Using that information, you can better market specific games or leagues.

Now that you know how to use these management tools for your operation, it’s time to put practice into action.

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