Nevada Bookies See Increase in Betting Handle

Nevada Bookies See Increase in Betting Handle

August is a good month for sports betting. Coming off from slow season, August comes in bringing early lines on football. And, as the best pay per head bookie knows, means that the betting industry will be rising as we move closer to the end of the year. Football is one of the most popular sports that people are betting on, and Nevada bookies are seeing its effects as early as now.

A lot of sports betting markets are doing better for August. As you would learn in bookie tutorials, there will be months when sports betting action will be lower than usual. This happens when popular sports leagues are on break- July being a particularly slow month for sportsbooks. But August brings in better numbers, as we see with the case of Nevada

Nevada Bookies and the Sports Betting Market

Nevada Bookies See Increase in Betting HandleThe total sports betting handle in August for Nevada is at $427.4 million. If you keep track of various markets in a Bookie PPH blog, then you will see that Nevada, while doing better, is still not at its peak. Month-on-month, we see a 4.3% increase from July’s $409.7 million. But year-o-year numbers show a lower handle by 10%, with August 2020’s handle at $475 million. As for revenue, August’s is $14.3 million. This is a whopping 56% lower than July’s $33.3 million. Its also 15.6% lower than August 2020’s $17 million revenue.

Nevada is a unique betting market as mobile wagers are around the same as retail sports betting, as opposed to other states, like New Jersey, that have a dominantly online betting market. But still, Nevada’s total mobile betting handle is at $296.485 million. This is 22.5% higher than July’s $241.950 million. And even though we are getting action on football, $42.9 million in Nevada, baseball is still the dominant sport this month with $277.6 million worth of wagers.


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