New Jersey Sports Betting Market is Up in August

New Jersey Sports Betting Market is Up in August

Coming off from a slow season in US sports betting, the New Jersey sports betting market is finally doing better in August. The blog continues to track the numbers of each state each month to see how various sports betting markets across the country perform. Despite the slow season in previous months, and the huge dip in handle, New Jersey still outperforms other states.

For August, the total sports betting handle for New Jersey is at $664.7 million. This is 14.9% higher than July’s $578.7 million. And, if you look at the year-on-year numbers, the handle is .5% lower than August 2020’s $668 million. The highest betting handle the state has seen this year was back in January of this year with $958.7 million. However, the highest all-time handle of the state was back in December 2020, with a $996.3 million handle.

New Jersey Sports Betting Market

New Jersey Sports Betting Market is Up in AugustAs for revenue, the August numbers are at $52 million, which is 5.4% lower than July’s $55 million. And if you are wanting to get into sports betting, look at the channels through which bettors in the state are placing their bets. Out of the total handle, $612.867 million come from mobile wagers, taking in 92.2% of the total handle. This is 15.8% higher than July’s mobile handle of $529.434 million. Here are some pay per head software tutorials to help you get started in the sports betting business.

Of course, using sports betting software is the leading option that you can use to place wagers, especially during the pandemic. Retail sportsbooks still earn well, but in the case of New Jersey, many prefer to place their bets online. Many in the industry are expecting September to also show an increase in sports betting handle, especially since the NFL season starts in September. Hopefully, the state will be able to continue its momentum in increasing sports betting activity towards the end of the year.


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